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Working of a Tubular Style Lock

Working of a Tubular Style Lock
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You can’t go wrong with a tubular style door lock. It works for all kinds of doors, from those that open a room or even for the main entrance or important passage ways of your home or establishment. Tubular style door locks aren’t the most popular type of locking mechanism for no reason; these simple yet effective components make accessing and securing doors a cinch.

Reasons for using a tubular style door lock system

Tubular Style LockLocksmith Potters Bar has gained many clients over the years, all of whom rely on tubular style locking systems for most of the doors inside and outside their home. The reason appears to be the fact that they are simple and easy to use. What can be more complicated than turning a knob and walking through a door if you have fully-functional opposable thumbs? Tubular style door locks ensure that the door is easy to open but would remain closed if not being accessed. This is different from deadbolt locks that could only lock a door in place. A tubular system can hold a door in place even without locking it so that people can access the rooms to and from them. By now you’d understand why opting for a tubular style door lock is a no-brainer.

How a tubular style door lock system works

In order to deeply appreciate tubular style door locks, one must understand how it actually functions. Our company’s expert technicians explain that a tubular door system basically has three major components: the knobs, the tumbler and the latch. The knobs are what people access in order to get beyond a door and back. The knobs are attached to the tumbler which, in turn, is connected to a latch. As such, when door knob is turned, the mechanism connected to the tumbler pulls the latch and allows the same to unhook from the strike plate, which is connected to the door frame. When a closed door’s knob is unturned, the latch is kept inside the strike plate which holds everything – door knob and door altogether – in place. This is the same concept behind locking a door. In essence, you disable access from the other knob, causing the latch to be inaccessible thus keeping the door in place.

Tubular style lock systems are perfect for residential use because they serve as the door handle and the lock at the same time. In deadbolt locks, latches can only be operated with a key and cannot secure an unlocked door in place. In terms of convenience and security (and not to mention price), tubular style door locks are the most practical systems that you should use for your home today.

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